Level 4 - Sabbath School Curriculum

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Level 4 - Sabbath School Curriculum

Unit 1: Plan of Salvation, Fall Festivals
Week 1: God's Annual Feasts
Week 2: The Soon Coming Return of Jesus
Week 3: Satan The Great Deceiver
Week 4: Where Have All The People Gone?

Unit 2: Learning About God
Week 1: God Is Merciful
Week 2: How God Relates To Man
Week 3: How Man Relates To God
Week 4: God Is Building A Family

Unit 3: Creation
Week 1: Being a Disciple of Christ
Week 2: Spiritual Creation - Peter the Apostle
Week 3: Creation vs. Evolution
Week 4: The Sabbath Day

Unit 4: God's Laws
Week 1: Restoring True Worship
Week 2: God Gives Nehemiah a Special Job
Week 3: Honor Your Father and Mother
Week 4: Be Happy With What You Have

Unit 5: Jesus Christ
Week 1: Christ as a Friend
Week 2: Lazarus
Week 3: The Wedding Feast
Week 4: Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

Unit 6: Lessons from the Old Testament
Week 1: Joshua and Caleb Spy on Canaan
Week 2: Joshua at the Battle of Jericho
Week 3: Deborah - Reliance on God
Week 4: Gideon - God Builds Faith

Unit 7: Lessons form the New Testament
Week 1: Christ Cleanses the Temple
Week 2: Annais and Sapphira
Week 3: The Unforgiving Servant
Week 4: Conversion of Saul

Unit 8: Plan of Salvation: Spring Festivals
Week 1: God's Festivals started with Passover
Week 2: The New Testament Passover
Week 3: Days of Unleavened Bread
Week 4: Wave Sheaf Offring and Pentecost

Unit 9: Fruits of the Holy Spirit
Week 1: Faith
Week 2: Gentleness
Week 3: Kindness
Week 4: Self Control

Unit 10: Teachings of Jesus Christ
Week 1: Prayer
Week 2: Be a Person of Your Word
Week 3: Don't Worry
Week 4: God's Kingdom: A Valuable Treasure