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14 Attend Second Annual Pastoral Training Classes

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14 Attend Second Annual Pastoral Training Classes

This year, 14 men were invited to attend pastoral training classes at the home office. The first session runs from Jan. 3 to 10. They will also return in March and May to complete the six-week program.

Of the 14, seven are from outside the United States. The attendees are:

Carmello Anastasi—Milan, Italy.
Kambani Banda—Lusaka, Zambia.
Stephen Clark—Gold Coast, Australia.
Tom Clark—Wichita, Kansas.
Shawn Cortelyou—Canton, Illinois.
Angelo Di Vita—Milan, Italy.
Kevin Epps—Central New Jersey.
Mike Erickson—Prince George, British Columbia.
Jack Hendren—Corpus Christi, Texas.
Manuel Quijano—Lima, Peru.
Larry Roybal—Monterrey, Mexico.
Mark Welch—Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Glen White—Missoula, Montana.
Mark Winner—Louisville, Kentucky.