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2-Minute Beyond Today Programs to Air on Newsmax TV: Airing Schedule Below

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2-Minute Beyond Today Programs to Air on Newsmax TV

Airing Schedule Below

We will have 52 spots air in total. Within these time frames it will be up to Newsmax TV to place our spot as they see best to rotate programs in, depending on other advertisers, what we paid, etc. So, we don’t know exact days, but we will air on days and times according to the schedule on the back page of this issue to get our total 52 airings.

For the first two weeks we will offer our “Middle East in Bible Prophecy” booklet, and for the second two weeks we will offer “Are We Living in the Time of the End?” Your prayers for success would be most appreciated.



  • ram19

    Will you be posting these 2-minute programs on the Beyond Today site? I would love to see what messages you have prepared for the Newsmax TV audiences!

  • Peter Eddington

    Hi Robert. Thank you for the suggestion. The main reason we can't post them in other places is because the literature link URL given is unique to our airing on Newsmax TV, and if people see the video in other venues and try the URL, it will register as a Newsmax TV response, and skew our analytics and cost per response figures.