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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Cartagena, Colombia

Sunny, warm and humid days greeted us in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, where 73—representing five countries—gathered for the Feast of Tabernacles at the Hotel Regatta Cartagena for the third year in a row. Several visitors joined us on various days throughout the Feast at this family-friendly location where we worship, fellowship, eat and play together. On the opening night, when we were asked “Do you want to live forever?” until the last message on the Eighth Day, when we were told “Don’t forget…there is always hope!” we were blessed with messages that had us looking forward to a better time in the future!

Spiritual lessons were learned through the daily messages and three additional Bible studies—children, teen, and family. A focused education seminar titled “The Effects of Pornography on the Mind” was given by the Feast coordinator. A seminar for the ladies, “Modesty: A Controversial Topic” was given by Gayle Hoefker and Lidia Nance to further enhance the spiritual diet. The welcome visit during the Feast by Fred and Lidia Nance was an added plus. Another highlight of the Feast was the video presentation, inclusive of Victor Kubik’s sermon.

Other spiritual highlights during the Feast included the baptism of two Colombian members in the Caribbean Sea, a church wedding ceremony and reception for Oscar and Rocio Martinez, and the blessing of three small children on the morning of the Eighth Day.

Throughout the Feast we were blessed with many fun and enjoyable activities. A visiting member rented a jet ski for an hour and a half to give each of the Colombian teens a new adventure. We danced the night away with a Disney theme where many came in various costumes, and we enjoyed a Chiva bus tour around the city of Cartagena, which included a stop for ice cream for everyone.

On other days, the ladies enjoyed an afternoon learning a painting technique, the children spent an afternoon at the beach, all participated in an afternoon craft auction, and one evening we were entertained with a variety of talent at the annual talent show.

We were all fed physically and spiritually with an atmosphere this year that was positive, uplifting and full of rejoicing. Foreigners and Colombians united as one family in celebrating and looking forward to the Kingdom of God!

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