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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Panajachel, Guatemala

Thanks to the blessings of God, we held the Feast of Tabernacles in Panajachel, Guatemala, in honor of our Father Creator and His Son Jesus Christ.

Opening services focused on the theme “Preparing for Being in the Kingdom of God.” At the end of the Feast, we enjoyed a typical Guatemalan dinner with the whole congregation.

Our highest attendance was 231, with visitors coming from Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The participants had the opportunity to fellowship, and we spiritually feasted on 10 sermonettes and 11 sermons, which focused on the main theme of the festival, the Kingdom of God. There were nine baptisms during the Feast, and it was encouraging to see most were young adults.

A highly anticipated event was the family day, where we enjoyed outdoor activities, including a children’s party with a piñata, games for the seniors, and a luncheon.

After the weekly Sabbath, we celebrated the wedding of Antonio Carlos Merida and Lilian Elizabeth Lopez.

All activities were planned in order to give honor and glory to our Creator. We are grateful to God for inviting us to celebrate the Feast with all its spiritual and physical blessings!