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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Canada

Forty-two brethren from the United States and Canada attended the Feast in beautiful Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.

As everyone traveled north to the Feast site, they were treated to beautiful scenery, the table lands of the Long Range Mountains to the east and the expanse of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the west.

Services were held in one of the convention rooms of the Shallow Bay Motel. The room features a wall of windows opening up onto a deck that is literally on the edge of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The lapping of the waves, the coming and going of the tide and the peaceful serenity of the national park offers a perfect millennial setting for the Feast.

Four elders, Dennis Horlick (pastor of Ottawa, Kitchener, the Maritimes and Newfoundland), Ralph Redline (from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), Monte Knudson (from Phoenix, Arizona), and the festival coordinator Larry DeLong (from Lethbridge, Alberta), shared the speaking assignments along with Dale van Zant (from Toronto), and Gary Ridi (from Kitchener). Also Victor Kubik’s sermon was much appreciated.

The messages were all spiritually uplifting. As the Feast progressed it became obvious that the theme of the messages was for us to be about our Father’s business. We are to take personal responsibility, and to remain on task in our individual and collective relationship with Him and our Savior as we seek and prepare for His Kingdom. How special each and every firstfruit child is to God and His Kingdom!

Music is a major part of the culture of Newfoundland, and it was reflected at the Feast. Special music was very much appreciated with duets, vocal solos and the choir. The ladies of the choir performed one piece, and the combined choir sang four pieces.

We were also very blessed to have David Hannaway in Gros Morne to play the piano for hymns, special music and the choir.

Activities included a festival dinner that everyone attended, a boat trip on the Western Brook Pond, a trip to a marine research center to view all of the marine life in the area waters, a fine dining experience sponsored by the local community, as well as a musical concert featuring traditional Newfoundland music, also sponsored by the local community. We also had a hymn sing on Friday evening and finished off the Feast with a two-hour variety night with 18 separate “acts” on Sunday afternoon.

Once again the Feast in Gros Morne proved to be the best Feast ever as brethren toured, ate and fellowshipped together. The hotel staff were asking questions about the Feast and our beliefs as they, too, experienced Feast fever. They contributed to the success of the Feast by serving their hearts out to make our time there as memorable as possible.

One elder commented that the Feast was characterized by “the overwhelming and consistent warmth that was experienced by me and my family. The desire to work together, all being engaged to make this a most remarkable Feast of Tabernacles. Don’t mean to overuse this word but it was the most family oriented and focused Feast we have ever had.”

One young man said, “I have been keeping the Feast for 23 years, and this was truly my best Feast ever.”

So I must thank all the brethren in attendance for doing their part in making this year’s Feast spiritually refreshing and uplifting, but even more we thank our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ for being there with us in spirit.

See more photos from Germany at https://flic.kr/s/aHskny7RB3