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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Midland, Ontario, Canada

“It will be a Feast that we will remember for a long time,” was one of the many comments made by the brethren that attended in Midland, Ontario. Another remarked it was a wonderful family Feast.

Our high attendance of the Feast was 125. Opening night services were enjoyed by 97 brethren as they heard a message from Patrick Read reminding us that it was not about us—it was about learning and growing and helping the many individuals who will come to know and love the God who has always loved them.

Our meet-and-greet mixer started the activities off with 61 family members getting reacquainted with each other.

On Tuesday evening we held our first-ever ladies seminar, presented by Pam Kuver. The ladies in attendance listened to a heartfelt address encouraging them to stay close to God and be women of faith.

The following evening provided the brethren the opportunity to enjoy a family square dance that also proved to be a highlight of the Feast. Both young and old enjoyed a hearty workout and many laughs.

Other activities included a games night, family day, Bible study, variety show and a hymn-sing. The seniors enjoyed some special time with each other as they listened to a message provided by Ken Skorseth, who reminded them that getting older does not diminish their ability to provide an example to others.

Our messages were encouraging and enlightening, providing the brethren with the desire to continually move forward drawing on the power of God’s Word to make it to the Kingdom where we will have the opportunity to share it with others.

On the Eighth Day we heard a heartfelt message from Tom Kuver titled “God’s Power Over Death,” where he explained that there will be billions of individuals who have never known God’s way of life. They will need to be taught, and those who accept God’s way of life will enjoy the benefits that come from it.

After a well-attended lunch between services, the closing sermon was given by Mr. Skorseth. It was titled “Endure to the End,” and was a message of hope, reminding us that God’s promise to provide us with His Kingdom will happen.

Services concluded with “When Christ Shall Come,” and with many warm words and hugs the family of God who had come together in Midland, Ontario, began to head home with a renewed desire for God’s Kingdom and the hope of seeing each other once more in the future, perhaps at next year’s Feast.