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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Bigfork, Montana, United States

God is gracious and again supplied the warm and pleasant weather we were praying for. There were 152 brethren and friends gathered to worship and rejoice in this richly picturesque area of Montana. We enjoyed our sixth continuous year in this location.

Brethren travelled from Montana’s four Church areas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Wyoming, Missouri, Utah, Alabama, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to tabernacle together.

The opening night message began with the annual reminder of God’s vision and desire for a an ever-expanding family. Vernon Hargrove moved this theme forward with a message of fellowship. The additional messages added reminders of the key attributes of godly character and looking forward to eternal life with our Father and Jesus Christ.

The choir blended together with the direction of Mark Graham. This year we enjoyed an all-ladies festival choir, contributions from the teens and a growing children’s choir. Special music added special moments of enrichment to the services.

The stage decoration was well planned for this autumn festival, and with the usual labor of love the beautiful results speak for themselves. The theme of rejoicing and peace was emphasized with scrolled wooden reminders of the fruit of the Spirit. These were placed throughout the stage decorations for all eight days. A selected piece was placed in prominence each day.

Family day again was a highlight. This year proved to be one in which we had the most volunteers and participants. Races, contests and games added to the excitement, which culminated in the annual piñata shower of delightful things for the children. The daily activity was rounded out by a barbecue hamburger dinner for the entire congregation.

The annual challenge of the zipline and ropes course was enjoyed by those who participated. Many daring ones added their names to the growing chronicle of courageous zip line travelers.

The Church dance drew enthusiastic and joyful brethren. This year’s theme of a barn dance was decorated with straw, saddles and hand painted backdrops. Everyone  who attended had all the music and dancing they desired.

The annual glacier day trip to the scenic area of our awesome mountainous area was well attended. For many, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The ladies tea took place in the Conrad Mansion in Kalispell. This historic setting was visited and enjoyed by our ladies.

Though late in the Feast, the message from Victor Kubik was well received and added food for thought to many conversations.

Willingness to serve and support was the prevailing attitude throughout the Feast. Many thanks to those who served in the public address electronics, ushering and administration. We all tabernacled together with the flow of God’s Spirit, first from our Father and the Christ, to each of us, and then toward each other.

See more photos from Montana at https://flic.kr/s/aHskny7RB3.