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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Lusaka, Copperbelt, and Kalukanya Zambia

Lusaka and Copperbelt

Zambia had three Feast sites this year. Lusaka hosted 170 people. Copperbelt hosted 79 people. Kalukanya had 120 people attend the Feast, which brings a total of 369 participants for 2015. 

In Lusaka, we had a wonderful Feast of Tabernacles at the Garden Hotel. We were blessed with visitors from South Africa and the U.S.A.

When we assembled, we had an opening night service on Sept. 27. A minute of silence was observed in memory of pastor Wilson Nkhoma, who died on the May 26, 2015.

We received spiritual messages from one of our guests, Howard Davis, until he left for Malawi on Oct. 1. Shannon Lucas joined us and graced us with special music and uplifting messages.

Other activities during the Feast were special music from different congregations, and one from Nomusa from South Africa. We had 12 children who were blessed by Mr. Lucas, and 22 were prayed for and anointed. We had seven baptisms, and the occasion was exciting as both members and non-members came to witness the baptism at the pool. We had the ordination of Filius C. Jere from the eastern province of Zambia to become a deacon. He helps the Church to air the Beyond Today program on the radio. He brought with him two prospective members to the Feast. Children also had Sabbath school with Tabo, Mukumbuta, Nancy and Daniel. Oct. 1 was youth day where the youth were given an opportunity to conduct the entire service. 

Mr. Davis donated wine and a cake to the seniors lunch that was held, and added to what the church had bought. It was exciting—all enjoyed it and had a lot of fun!

A seminar was held for the ladies that included sharing the Word of God by Felicia—she talked about commitment. Deaconess Maureen Phiri shared with the ladies a presentation about being a godly woman.

The ladies had a gift exchange from ladies of different congregations. Mr. Jere and his wife Chosiwe conducted a conservation-farming seminar. Mr. Davis initiated the seminar, and he encouraged farmers to farm in a different ways.

Sadly, our deacon Jonathan Katapya of Mapoko congregation did not attend the Feast as he was nursing his son who was admitted in Mumbwa hospital and subsequently died after the Feast.


Brethren arrived at Kalukanya Feast site safely. This is the third year the Feast was held there. The Feast was characterized by inspiring messages from Richard Kayame, Patrice Sinyenga, Luke Banda and Alfred Siame.

On Oct. 2 in the afternoon, 13 women from Isoka and women from Kalukanya exchanged gifts. It was marvelous, and it attracted some women from outside the Church from nearby villages as they heard our women singing and dancing during the occasion. On the same day 16 children were blessed.

On the fourth day of the Feast, a boy from a village near the Feast site died of malaria and anemia. Some brethren visited the funeral house, encouraged the parents and later attended the burial. On family day, different games were played. It was a joyous occasion as women proved to be stronger than men during the tug-of-peace game.

Some brethren who came with notable illnesses were treated and healed. They were happy and wanted the Feast to continue.

The Feast was blessed by two visitors. One of them was a village head man, and a member from Shalom Church. They both attended the entire Feast. We hope the messages touched them, and we thanked them for visiting. The day of departure was a happy one, with mixed feelings as we bid farewell to each other.

On behalf of the Zambian people and myself, I would like to send special thanks to the home office and all those who made our Feast in Zambia a success.

Major Nawa Talama 

See more photos from Zambia at https://flic.kr/s/aHskny7RB3