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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States

Beautiful fall colors, majestic landscapes, mostly warm, sunny temperatures, and an inspiring view of the full moon eclipse on opening night welcomed the more than 300 people who observed the Feast in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this year.

The beautiful and accommodating Steamboat Grand Hotel served as the location of the Feast for the 13th consecutive year.

All aspects of the Feast worked well together this year. Messages centered on God’s Kingdom, His love, and what we need to do to let God prepare us for that Kingdom. The attitude of those attending was wonderful, and the fellowship was warm and inviting. Excellent special music, first-rate sound, stage, and lighting—and the help of so many volunteers in all areas—complemented everything else, creating an atmosphere that made many comment that this was “the best Feast ever.”

Attendees enjoyed a variety of planned group activities, as well as exploring the area. The charming little town of Steamboat Springs has many fine restaurants and quaint shops. Nearby you can take in the beauty of a majestic waterfall, enjoy natural hot springs, horseback ride through the hills, or even go fly fishing in the river that runs through the town.

Scheduled activities included a day of ice skating and ice bumper cars at the local ice arena, of which we had exclusive use of for the afternoon. Bumper cars on ice was a new experience for most, and it seemed to be enjoyed by all. Family day was held at a local bowling alley, which was also reserved for just our use. From the very young to teens to young adults and those “up in years,” everyone seemed to enjoy bowling, along with the pizza, tacos, and fellowship. The bowling alley owners mentioned that there had never been so many people in that facility ever before. A fine example was set by all.

The teens enjoyed a pool party and pizza one afternoon, and a games night was held for those who wanted to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

The family dance, with karaoke, was again a popular and well attended activity, and the seniors lunch was quite enjoyable. The food and fellowship was great, and a very nice program of entertainment was put together that set that event apart.

Thanks to everyone who spoke, served, and attended the Feast in Steamboat Springs this year. We all had a wonderful time and experienced just a foretaste of what life will be like in the Millennium. It was an inspiring and enjoyable Feast for all.

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