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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Hong Kong, China

This year, for the first time in the modern era of the Church of God, brethren observed our loving Father’s Feast of Tabernacles in Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong, which is most closely translated from Cantonese as “fragrant harbor,” and is also known as Asia’s World City, sits alongside beautiful Victoria Harbour, with Hong Kong on one side and Kowloon on the opposite.

The brethren who live in Hong Kong were joined by brethren from Australia, Great Britain, Singapore and the United States—83 in all attended. The messages were truly inspired by God, and for the last few days of the Feast, Peter and Terri Eddington from the home office and Earl Roemer, who serves as the senior pastor for the Philippines and Hong Kong, were able to join the rest of the brethren in observing the final days of the Feast.

In addition to the inspiring messages given, brethren were able to enjoy many of the exciting opportunities and dining experiences that only a metropolitan environment can provide. For activities, brethren enjoyed a cruise on Victoria Harbour, where they were able to view Hong Kong’s famous and beautiful skyline, along with the largest light show on earth.

Other activities included Victoria Peak, with it’s stunning vistas and hiking trails, family day, and youth day activities. At the beginning of the Eighth Day, there was a group dinner, where brethren were able to enjoy great fellowship as we began to observe the final day of the Feast of the Great God.

See more photos from Hong Kong, China at https://flic.kr/s/aHskny7RB3