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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Rockingham, Australia

Once again God’s Feast of Tabernacles was held in Rockingham, Western Australia. This was one of four sites God had placed His name in the Land Down Under. It is a beautiful location that played host to a wonderful spiritual atmosphere as around 90 people gathered to worship, honor and rejoice before God.

The Feast began in a good manner and only got better. The opening messages encouraged everyone to rejoice with laughter and look ahead to what Christ will restore across the earth. The West Australian brethren then served up an abundant spread of food to conclude the first Holy Day. This gave opportunity for everyone present to introduce themselves as first timers to Western Australia, or for others to get reacquainted with familiar faces.

The rest of the week provided the means to share God’s Word about the greatness and necessity of His coming Kingdom, and the important role of the first fruits during the Millennium. Other activities gave members the time to fellowship, such as a family picnic and games afternoon, 10-pin bowling, a Bible quiz evening, an outing to a nearby maritime museum, and a fun-filled dance night.

By the Eighth Day there was a positive and disappointed air among the brethren—positive because of the privilege to be brought close together as God’s people and disappointed to have to part ways. Overall, God had made it possible for a warm, friendly and service-orientated Feast that was spiritually uplifting and rewarding. This annual observance truly does rejuvenate the heart and mind to seek first the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father and His righteousness.