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2016 Camp Report: Boca del Rio

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2016 Camp Report: Boca del Rio

The Mexican youth camp took place in Ixmiquilpan and is located in the state of Hidalgo about three hours from Mexico City.

Camp was located at the Hotel Campestre, which has a soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court and a swimming pool. All were used for the camp activities.

There were youth from Acapulco, Chiapas, Mexico City, Monterrey, Tabasco, Tepic, Veracruz and also from the country of Panama. We were fortunate to have John Velazquez and his wife Mireya from California who participated as staff. The total attendance was 22 youth, eight adults and one baby. We had two young adults participate as servant leaders who helped with the evening closings as well as other activities.

The camp theme was “Wise and Knowledgeable.” Each day was focused on a specific subject: “Fun,” “Wisdom in Proverbs,” “Love,” “Passion,” and “Motivation.” On Friday night we had a questions-and-answers forum, and Sabbath services that were preceded by hymn song-leading lessons in the morning.

We worked daily to develop a balance of intellectual and physical knowledge through all activities. Each day before breakfast we had a mini ice-breaker session. The group was divided into three groups with a color and mascot. In Proverbs 30:24-28, it describes that the ants, rock badgers, locusts and spiders are “exceedingly wise.” We used the first three as mascots to remind us of the main camp theme.

We had two field trips. One was to a complex with swimming pools and slides. We also enjoyed the hot springs, delicious food and zip lining. The second field trip was to play mini-golf. The 18 holes were a challenge for most of the campers since most of them had never played this fun game before. A pool table, trampoline, giant chessboard and board games provided us with additional entertainment. We also had a special dinner prepared by a chef on Friday night.

For a craft activity campers were able to create their own painted mug. We also had a fun dance and a talent show with biblical role-plays, jokes and singing.

After acquiring new knowledge, we now need to apply it to become truly knowledgeable and wise.

We invite all youth who wishes to participate to come and join us in these wonderful activities next year.