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2016 Camp Report: Preteen Camp Tomahawk

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2016 Camp Report: Preteen Camp Tomahawk

Camp Tomahawk, held at the Nacome Camp and Conference Center in Pleasantville, Tennessee, was a big success with our 43 campers coming from all over the Southeast, even as far away as Florida! Thanks to everyone for their prayers for a safe and successful camp, as God once again blessed us with an unusually mild summer with little to no humidity and awe-inspiring night-time clear skies.

Kicking off each day with a Christian living class, campers set out to enjoy a fun-filled day of activities. Some of the highlights this year were new caving games like hide-and-seek in the dark, a new human foosball court and nature education involving some of Tennessee’s natural wildlife. One activity that the kids literally dug into was our campus improvement activity, where we removed all the years worth of leaves and debris that had collected in the culverts and drains at the facilities. The Nacome staff were so absolutely impressed by our kids’ great attitudes and hard work. They complimented endlessly about how the kids made a difference.

There was also an abundance of serving attitudes this year from all the Camp Tomahawk staff.  Without the 38 staff members who volunteered their time, Camp Tomahawk wouldn’t exist. Thank you for your dedication and service to making camp possible for the youth. The 2017 camp dates are already set for May 28-May 31.