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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report: Davao, Mindanao, Philippines 

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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Davao, Mindanao, Philippines 

God’s blessing was obvious as a spirit of rejoicing permeated each day’s activities. An environment of love and respect built a strong level of unity as the peace of God reigned. 

Brethren enjoyed the special blessing of seeing two new elders ordained into Christ’s ministry. James and Mesaila Presbitero, Sr. and Gem and Sarah Nagtalon now serve as elders and wives in several congregations in Mindanao. 

With 237 registered for the Feast at Davao, our high attendance was 214. The food service plan was modified this year to allow everyone to go through the same buffet lines and eat daily meals together in the cafeteria. This provided a wonderful opportunity for greater fellowship. 

A remarkable attitude of service was evident throughout the eight days. This year, several younger men stepped into new service roles by leading songs and giving sermonettes. Each did an outstanding job. The Mindanao festival choir, congregational choral groups and individual members shared their talent by providing special music at each service. Others helped with technical operations, set-up, clean-up and office work. It truly was a foretaste of the Kingdom as brethren dwelt together in unity and peace. 

Activity highlights included special gatherings for youth, singles, families and seniors. The annual fruit festival was once again a resounding success! After all, the Davao area abounds with mangoes, pineapple, jack fruit, bananas, papaya, mangosteen and durian. The Saturday evening variety show was a most memorable evening. Members shared native Filipino songs and dances along with humorous skits. 

The Mindanao members welcome visitors to come rejoice with them for the 2017 Feast!