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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report: Meru, Kenya, Africa

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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Meru, Kenya, Africa

The average attendance was 58. Our first service on the eve of the Feast was 41 in attendance, and on the weekly Sabbath the attendance was at it highest with 92 in attendance. We also had many of the students from a nearby school attend the Feast with us.

The brethren enjoyed both the spiritual and physical food for the entire period of the Feast. Our service began at 10 a.m. and ended at around 1 p.m. every day, with the exception of the high day Sabbaths and the weekly Sabbath when we held two services.

The other afternoons were full of activities like seminars both for men and women, Bible study, family day, games and an excursion to a nearby hill for those who had fun climbing it. It was all very exciting.

The evenings were spent at a campfire, and the brethren had a good time socializing and reviewing the day’s messages and other activities. Our young adults took song leading classes and music theory classes. This will be very helpful to them when they are assigned the role of song leading in their respective congregations and even in teaching others as well.

We had special music from various individual members as well as group members, and these were uplifting spiritually.

This year’s Feast was also attended by three of our members from Rwanda and one from Burundi. Other members came from Nairobi, Matuu Bagaria, Kitale, Ndanai and of course Meru congregations.

The entire Feast went on for the eight days incident-free, and we truly are grateful to the Almighty God. It was all very enjoyable to have these brethren come together and share the Word of God in addition to physical food.

It was the perfect time for brethren to rekindle their vision of the coming Kingdom of God. 

Simon I Ng’ang’a