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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report: Southport, England

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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Southport, England

The brethren worshipped together, listened to uplifting messages and special music and sang praises to our God. With most taking advantage of the accommodation deal with the Feast hotel, there were plenty of opportunities for fellowship, especially during breakfast and dinner, which were provided for us in a private dining area. 

Of the 130 registered, 115 were from the British Isles (the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Ireland), and 15 visited from the U.S.A. The highest attendance at a service was 121. In addition to daily services, two Bible studies and three seminars were offered. The seminars addressed personal motivation as a member of the Church, song leading and writing for the Church. 

There was much to do in the area, with bus tours arranged to Windermere in the English Lake District and nearby Hoghton Tower, a well preserved 16th century fortified manor house. In addition, many took the opportunity to visit the nearby city of Liverpool with its museums, art galleries, shops, renovated dockland area and waterfront, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some went 10-pin bowling, and the more adventurous enjoyed quad-biking. There were abundant facilities within walking distance of the Feast hotel to interest and occupy the attention of children of all ages. 

As a new Feast site, Southport was well received and will certainly be considered as a venue for the Feast in years to come.