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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report: St Helens, Tasmania 

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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report

St Helens, Tasmania 

Sumptuous local produce provided an abundant physical diet, enabling us to rejoice and break bread together.

Add to this idyllic environment—a small fishing community in an isolated part of the world—a spirit of fellowship and harmony, as well as deep insights into the precious truth of God’s coming Kingdom, and you have caught the essence of keeping God’s Feast at St. Helens. What a place of rejoicing!

Sixty brethren from around Australia—and 10 brethren from various parts of the United States—came together in an uplifting spirit of fellowship. Although quite a few members succumbed to sickness for various periods during the Feast, this did not dampen the enthusiasm or the various opportunities to rejoice.

We enjoyed casual but lively social activities—meet and greet savories, pizza and games night, catered meal and trivia night, and a bus trip and lunch at Natureworld Wildlife Sanctuary—where tassie devils are a central attraction, kangaroos are fed by hand, and various Aussie reptiles are featured. This all helped fulfil God’s command to rejoice at His Feast. And we did!