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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report: Tonga 

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2016 Feast of Tabernacles Report


Bruce and Jeanette Dean, from Sydney, were there for the Sabbath before the Feast until Tuesday. Bruce was able to present five sermons during the time they were there.

The young men, Alfred, Eddie and Tui, all led hymns. We were able to share many meals together. The highlight was a celebration of 50 years of keeping the Feast in Tonga. On Tuesday after services we had an umu, where the meal is cooked in the ground. Our deacon Frank ‘Osika gave a speech to honor the four men who stepped out in faith those 50 years before. Bruce Dean made mention of the vision of Tolu Ha’angana in building a church hall where the truth would be preserved. He noted that the truth was still alive every Sabbath with the ‘Osika family.

For the rest of the Feast they played sermons from the Feast in Merimbula in 2015. It was a special Feast to honor the past and look forward to the future in God’s Kingdom.