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2016 UYC Camp Report: Camp Hye Sierra: California­—June 26-July 3

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2016 UYC Camp Report: Camp Hye Sierra

California­—June 26-July 3

As a private camp, Hye Sierra offers us a fantastic isolated location to come together as a family of like mind and values to play, learn and inspire individual growth. Our focus at Camp Hye Sierra is to show that God’s way truly works in this modern age. Hye Sierra’s remote location allows us to craft a unique Zone environment in order to help foster a focus on growing as a Christian and building lasting relationships with others.

For one week, each of our 214 staffers and campers left their everyday environments to be immersed together in fun activities, godly relationships and spiritual discussions. We had an amazing week learning about God, seeing His creation, having fun and making friends!

The Christian living classes provided incredible discussions about using God’s Word as our daily guide. Campers and staff had lively conversations about how to navigate this world with God’s Word as their guide and seeing God’s blessings in their lives for obedience and resisting wrong. The week ended with the Sabbath, where we discussed the importance of being on the right road, the one that leads to eternal life. It was inspiring to see the growth in our campers and staff.

We also had a wide range of successful activities that were dorm bonding, athletic, challenging, engaging, creative, and goal-oriented. God’s hand was very evident at camp, not only in the safety at our activities, but also the weather. Our daytime temperatures were warm but pleasant, while the nights were cool and comfortable.

We are very thankful for your prayers for a successful Camp Hye Sierra. Your prayers were answered on a daily basis, and we were most appreciative! God is absolutely calling our youth, and it is a great pleasure for all of us as staff to be serving God’s campers.