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2016 UYC Camp Report: Northwest Camp

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2016 UYC Camp Report: Northwest Camp

On July 24, 114 campers, 75 staff, and four mini-campers came together for a week of learning to be guided by God’s Word as they enjoyed activities and fellowship on the spectacular and scenic Oregon coast! This was our largest Northwest Camp in recent years, and for the first time our campers and staff had the opportunity to “ride the trails and sing cowboy songs” as part of the camp experience. 

Our theme for the week was “Guided by God’s Word,” and was reinforced during every activity. Each day there was a Bible-based theme and memory scripture that were part of the overall theme. 

We enjoyed a campfire on the beach one evening as the sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean. Campfire time included several tug-of-war competitions, a Bible quiz game, dorm greetings and scripture reciting, dorm inspection reports, and a campfire story illustrating the theme of the day.

We were blessed with cooler, nearly perfect weather for the week. The activities at camp were archery, arts and crafts, riding skim boards and boogie boards, dance class, kayaking, swimming, pickle ball, softball, speedaway, volleyball and water skiing.

This year LeeAnn Luker, Ben Light, and LeeAnn Holladay presented the excellence in living class that focused on the beauty of the man/woman relationship our Creator blessed us with.

This year we had the same number of boys and girls, so the dance class and brother/sister dorm events went smoothly. We also had many international visitors with us: Anna and Ruben Dekker from the Netherlands, Sarah Habicht from Germany, plus Aaron Jennings and Sarah Lucassen from Australia serving on staff.

We very much appreciate the members from the Portland, Oregon, congregation who worked a long day on the Sunday before camp to prepare for the arrival of the horses. We also cannot say enough about how much we appreciate those who volunteer to serve on staff. Our staff worked hard this year to do a professional job in every respect. We even had two young ladies who volunteered to be the “cleanup crew” for the horses. The girls were able to ride a horse occasionally, so they said it was worth it.

A big thank you to everyone involved! Camp would not be possible without the support of the parents, staff, financial help from individuals and the Church, and backing from the administration. Most of all, the successful camp program is the result of the blessing and protection of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.