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2016 Winter Family Weekend Brings Church Together

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2016 Winter Family Weekend Brings Church Together

The weekend began on a strong note with a Bible study by Dr. Philip Aust. In the Great Wolf Lodge, the Sabbath was filled with opportunities for fellowship and learning, with youth instruction and seminars for various age groups, capped by services that featured six special music pieces performed by young members of the Church and a sermon by elder Scott McKeon from Phoenix, Arizona.  More than 1,100 people filled the room to overflow capacity, with many Internet connections carrying the service around the world.

After the Sabbath, there were dances and games, and a brand new game show with Jelly and Mr. Jonathan. At nearby sports facilities 115 basketball players, including men, ladies and teens, played a series of games, and additionally, 70 preteens participated in basketball and flag football. At the same time, volleyball teams consisting of over 240 individuals played a total of 146 volleyball games.

We owe thanks to more people than space permits to mention for working long hours to make this event possible. I do want to thank Kathy de Campos and Troy Phelps for making it all come together and go smoothly, and Mike Cook and Duane Phelps for accomplishing the monumental task of organizing hundreds of games in a very busy gym.

We have already contracted with the Great Wolf Lodge for next winter and will soon also sign with the sports facilities. Please look forward to joining us next year for another Winter Family Weekend! UN