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2017 Camp Report: Preteen Camp Buckeye

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2017 Camp Report

Preteen Camp Buckeye

We continue to grow, which is a blessing, but it does create challenges. This year we had 97 campers, but the ratio of boys to girls has really changed. We had five boy dorms and three girl dorms. The weather was amazing, with highs in the upper 80s and evening lows in the low 60s.

We took a break from archery this year but still had our other regular activities such as arts and crafts, canoeing, court games, field games, fishing, indoor games, skits, team building and watersports. It is rewarding to have an entire class help the dorms prepare a skit to perform at campfire. The quality is much improved, as well as the amazing props and costumes.

One activity that has always challenged the children is fishing. This year there were plenty of fish being caught, with the largest being a beautiful 17-inch bass!

Mark Graham led the camp in a fun-filled sing-along during campfire on Monday night. Audience participation involved so much more than singing; so much more that it almost felt like exercise.

We do our part in planning and organizing, but nothing would be a success without the blessing and protection from God, so we must always be thankful to Him! I would also like to thank everyone who supports the United Youth Camps program. It is an amazingly successful program that relies heavily on financial donations and volunteers. So thank you very much!

We will be returning to the same facility next year. The dates will be July 29-Aug. 1, 2018.