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2017 Camp Report: Preteen Camp Piney Woods

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2017 Camp Report

Preteen Camp Piney Woods

Twelve teen staff helpers were joined by several dozen adults comprised of imported staff, along with many of the local East Texas brethren. The teamwork and symmetry was evident throughout camp.

Fun activities included the boys making leather wallets and the girls making aprons, parachute games, baking, floor scooters, basketball, dodgeball and of course gagaball. 

Also, the water activities (swimming, fishing, dunking booth, double lane slip-n-slide, water balloon games) are always popular with the warm Texas summers.

Our theme for the camp followed the teen camp theme “Building Your Relationship With God.” Our Christian living classes and our activities were based on this theme. 

Parents were on hand to see the end of camp awards ceremony where the campers sang two music pieces: “He Is Our God” and “Nothing Is Too Big for God.”

We give thanks to our Heavenly Father who has blessed this camp so tremendously. God answered so many prayers that were lifted up asking for His guidance and direction in all that was done.