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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Bend-Redmond, Oregon

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Bend-Redmond, Oregon

Rain in the previous weeks cleared the air of smoke, and the sun came out just in time to give Feastgoers incredible views of the Cascade Mountains and beautiful Central Oregon scenery.

The messages highlighted the Feast experience as they brought focus to why we keep the Feast and gave us spiritual food to take home. The inspired vision of the Kingdom of God helped fuel both the happy smiles and the fellowship we experienced together.

Besides the many waterfalls, mountains, lakes, rivers and trails to explore, activities brought God’s people together as one family. Teens got to participate in an amazing-race-themed event where they split into teams and traveled around a resort looking for clues to solve Bible puzzles while trying to work as a unit. Afterward they enjoyed a meal and dance. Young adults also got together for a pizza social where they got to know one another and make plans to spend time together.

Family day was a big hit with four separate events planned to allow everyone to get involved. The activities were planned so you could attend each one if you like, or you could pick and choose. The activities started off at Sun Mountain Fun Center, with everything from bumper cars and go-karts to bowling, arcade games and miniature golf. Later in the day we had bingo and a jam session at the meeting hall, followed by the family fun show. In all, more than 385 people participated.

This year the director of the local Neighbor Impact food bank came and thanked the brethren for their generosity in donating food and money to the area. She began by saying how overwhelmed they were that so many from around the region would choose this area to donate to, and then went on to describe the difference this has made to the community. Last year, Feastgoers donated over $6,000 and 800 pounds of food. This year, members contributed almost $9,000 and 800 pounds of food. This was an excellent way to let our light shine while at the Feast.