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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Branson, Missouri, U.S.A.

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Branson, Missouri, U.S.A.

We were blessed to have UCG chairman of the Council of Elders, Don Ward and his wife Wanda, for the entire Feast. Dr. Ward gave two sermons building on his consistent trunk of the tree messages and a thought-provoking Bible study on the topic of Zion.

Other sermonettes and sermons encouraged us to focus on godly character through personal examples of the speakers. Steve Shafer stressed the necessity for the Bride to be ready for Christ’s return.

We had a higher than usual number of preteens and teens, which was exciting to see at a more seasoned festival site.

Terry and Tracy Cunningham enthusiastically planned several activities for our teens including a new venue to the Branson area, an indoor adventure setting featuring all kinds of courses to test physical abilities. The staff at this site expressed their admiration of the courteous and respectful attitudes displayed by our teens.

The annual BBQ organized by Paul and Kathleen Urbom was well attended, and this year Dale and Karen Frazier added a new attraction, a music circle, where musicians led those interested in a sing-along type setting.

Randy Schmidt graciously returned to Branson to lead our choir and musicians in special music to honor our great God.

All age groups are considered in Feast planning and events for these various venues, and all were enjoyed by our entire fellowship.

Mitch and Linda Knapp were also able to be in Branson for the entire Feast, and we appreciate their loving example of servant leadership. Mitch gave the last sermon on the Eighth Day and admonished us to not let down and to face the coming months drawing consistently closer to our loving Father and Elder Brother as we see the day approaching.

Devin Schulz served as assistant Feast coordinator this year. Along with his wife Tiffany they contributed their loving and energetic service to all of us. We appreciate their exemplary festival service, a wonderful example of a younger couple who God is calling into His ministry.