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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Lilongwe, Malawi 

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Lilongwe, Malawi 

Local members were joined by four visitors from the United States. Lilongwe is the capital city located in the central region of the country. This busy city is an interesting mixture of government officials, NGOs providing various services to the country and local residents with many different backgrounds all going about their business. The bustle of the city rarely stops, except in the middle of the night.

The Feast was held in an area of the city known as Mchesi, which is an unplanned residential neighborhood. The brethren met in the congregation’s newly completed church building. Most of the brethren stayed in lodges within walking distance of the building. Although there were some difficulties with consistent electricity and water supply in the lodges and the church building, everyone thoroughly enjoyed fellowshipping together over several shared meals, group Bible studies, a family dance, a talent show and an afternoon of playing board games and card games.

The daily spiritual food and physical food was supplemented with feasting on God’s creation in this beautiful country. Nearly everyone in attendance participated in two off-campus trips. The first trip was a day at Lake Malawi. The hot, sunny weather was made tolerable because of the cool water of the lake. The lake trip also included a braai (barbecue), a Bible study and a baptism of one of the young adults of the Lilongwe congregation. The second trip was to the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, where families enjoyed a guided tour through the naturally wooded wildlife sanctuary where a small number of native African animals are cared for and rehabilitated.

This was truly a wonderful Feast with many brethren gathered together to learn more about God’s coming Kingdom, to hear of many other brethren also keeping the same Feast all around the world, and to learn more about how to fellowship in unity before God.