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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Lusaka, Zambia

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Lusaka, Zambia

The Lusaka Feast site was attended by 222 people well above the earlier projected figure of 170 people. Last year 170 people attended the Feast, and that was the first time we held the Feast at the Verino Feast site.

The opening service was held on Oct. 5 with two services, morning and afternoon. Major Nawa Talama spoke at the morning service with about 182 people in attendance. The title of his sermon was “Why Do We Rejoice at the Feast?” In the afternoon deacon Luke Banda offered a sermon titled “The End of Suffering.”

On the Eighth Day, 192 people attended the morning service.

We would like to mention that numerous activities took place during the festival. Baptism class was conducted for 20 repentant people who wanted to be baptised. However, this event never took place because our pastor Major Talama was twice rushed to the hospital and sadly admitted at Maina Soko Military Hospital where he stayed with his wife until the Feast ended. We are happy that he recovered.

Many thanks to the other Talamas for their tireless contributions, which made this year’s Feast a success.

Other festival activities included festival youth instruction conducted daily for the children and preteens. Tabo, Mukumbuta and Thoko were involved in teaching. Special music was given by the preteens and the youths during services. It was exciting listening to the kids’ special music. Different congregations equally gave their special music.

Family day was such a wonderful activity that took place. Seniors lunch was also not left out; elders equally ate, drank and enjoyed themselves. There was a women’s day, and leaders’ wives also met to discuss what their role in the Church was.

Finally, we send our very special thanks to the following: the home office for helping fund the Feast in the Lusaka region, and the Colorado and the Californian brethren for their financial support through LifeNets International. We ask our God to bless them abundantly for sharing their tithes with us in Zambia. The 2017 Feast was successful, as all of us enjoyed the festival. 

Banda Luke and Phiri Morris