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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Midland, Ontario 

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Midland, Ontario 

The Quality Inn hotel offered our 127 brethren enjoyable accommodations and a lovely breakfast area in the atrium, which allowed for fellowship over breakfast each day. This same atmosphere gave an all-inclusive feel to our activities, which were generally open to all.

The family day activity was well attended with 75 brethren getting to know each other better. Later that day we had a women’s seminar given by Pam Kuver that was well attended and enjoyed. Our games night in the atrium was also well attended by brethren of all ages.

Many brethren enjoyed the spectacular scenery of the Georgian Bay as the Miss Midland cruised through some of the 30,000 islands on a beautiful sunny and warm afternoon. Others enjoyed strolling down the mural-graced buildings lining Midland’s main street.

For the third year in a row we had a square dance. We were directed by a professional caller, who made the evening fun. In spite of many of us trying something new our caller was able to make it easy enough that those among us with more than one left foot were able to learn.

Our seniors were treated to a heartwarming message given by Terry Johnson, who also encouraged them to relate various aspects of their lives through different questions with topics such as miracles, interesting stories, favorite verses and stumbling blocks in their lives that they had to overcome. This reminded them that their worth to the Church and to God is of great value regardless of one’s age.

In addition to these activities we also had a variety night, a Bible study and a group buffet lunch on the Eighth Day.

On the evening of the Eighth Day 38 brethren gathered at a local restaurant for one final meal together before heading home.

In spite of some health issues and other trials that came along, the brethren could often be overheard remarking how enjoyable it was to be together and what a wonderful Feast it was.