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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Ogembo, Kenya, Africa

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Ogembo, Kenya, Africa

It’s away from the capital city, located in the western part of the country. The first Feast of Tabernacles was celebrated here in 2011. The facility is one of the church properties in East Africa.

We had the opening service the first night of the Feast, and it was attended by 49 members. The number grew and reached 98, the highest was on Saturday and Sunday. 

Bible studies, sermonettes and sermons were spiritually uplifting. We were blessed with 10 speakers, and two were from the United States. The international speakers took two days speaking both sermonettes and sermons, which were helpful and enriching.

The attendees contributed out of their second tithe money and food. The meals were delicious, prepared and served by professional cooks. After evening meals members fellowshipped around the fire. To top the joy of the brethren a big fat cow was slaughtered and cooked, and members ate meat to their satisfaction.

The attendees lived in tents and bandas. The bandas are still under construction, but they really helped. The first three days the weather was wonderful—nice and warm—and from the fourth day to last there was rain. The heavy downpour during the last two days disturbed those who lived in tents, and some joined brethren in bandas. The other members braved the situation to the end.

Water here is sometimes a big challenge because the site depends on harvested rainwater. Water was not a problem this Feast as there was water from beginning to end.

Well-wishers made this Feast succeed through their contributions, and we thank them very much. Many of the brethren promised to come next year. Above all we thank God who provided and made everything possible.

Kriphas Ongori