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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Olmue, Chile 

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Olmue, Chile 

The Feast started with some rain on the first evening, but then we enjoyed sunny days for the rest of the week. We had 105 brethren attend, and there was one baptism. We were delighted to have brethren visit us from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, the United States and Guatemala.

As in past years, we had a number of activities for the different age groups. We had a children’s party next to the pool. The youth had a barbecue and then a dance. We also had a family dance and the traditional talent night with a dinner prepared by members of the spokesman’s club. We also had a nice excursion to a nearby mountaintop. Another activity was a visit to an orphanage in nearby Limache. A group of volunteers took food donations and spent time with the children.

I was also able to travel with my wife to the Feast in northern Argentina to the state of Misiones, where the brethren celebrated it in two areas. We met with a group of 47 brethren in the first site, Campo Viera. On Friday two people were baptized. That afternoon the ladies had a get-together where they discussed Bible topics and drank mate, the traditional herbal tea there. On the Sabbath, after services there was a barbecue, and the next morning we visited the second Feast site called Colonia Primavera. We had morning services and a potluck afterward. That evening we returned to Campo Viera where we enjoyed a night of music and singing. On Sunday, we returned to finish the Feast in Chile.

As always, time flew by quickly, but there was an atmosphere of unity, peace and joy that made it another memorable Feast.