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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Penang, Malaysia 

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Penang, Malaysia 

Highest attendance was 88, with brethren traveling from the U.S., UK, South Africa, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia to share God’s Feast together.

This year we were blessed with a number of family groups in attendance, which greatly added to the energy level at the Feast and meant we were able to hold teen and preteen Bible studies for the first time in many years. Throughout the Feast God’s blessing was certainly upon us. We received inspired Feast messages from eight speakers from three different countries, encouraging us to consider how choices and decisions we make today prepare and train us for the very real and practical opportunities to serve in the years ahead.

Special music presentations were a wonderful highlight, greatly contributing to our focus on God’s purpose and plan. We also enjoyed some great activities. They included: a meet-and-greet session following the first Holy Day service, a mini-Olympics family and games night where peals of laughter and delight rang out through the evening, an amazing race where participants worked in teams to follow clues and hints and discover how to attain the goal, a bus tour to Penang Hill and Botanic Gardens to experience much of the flora and fauna of Penang, and the traditional group buffet meals on the evening of the seventh day and the Eighth Day luncheon. God blessed the weather as well, with each day being perfectly suited to the organized activities.

In summary, we are very thankful to our great God, who blessed us with the precious opportunity to attend His Feast and to experience a wonderful spirit of peace and unity as we were taught and reminded about God’s wonderful plan for all mankind. We look forward, with great anticipation, to the fulfillment of these wonderful days!