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2017 Feast of Tabernacles: Ukunda, Kenya 

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2017 Feast of Tabernacles

Ukunda, Kenya 

The brethren were meeting at the Word of Life Center Hall. Some of the local brethren were lodging at the center’s apartments, while others were lodging at nearby apartments.

There were 11 internationals who were accommodated at the Southern Palms Hotel, which was about two kilometers from the Word of Life Center. All the facilities were fronted by beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean.

The brethren, about 110 in number, enjoyed spiritual food about the Millennium, Kingdom of God and the Eighth Day, which was provided by two international pastors and five local pastors. This is not to forget the wonderful meals prepared at the center, which we all enjoyed.

Monte Knudson and David Meidinger briefly visited the other two sites in the west of Kenya. Activities included family day and a wonderful western style of roasting a whole cow buried in a pit underground, which we all greatly enjoyed.

We all enjoyed each other’s fellowship, and when the end of the Eighth Day finally came we hardly wanted to leave each other’s company. We all look forward to next year’s Feast and hope for more internationals to join us as we worship the great God and seek to put Him first!