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2017 Winter Family Weekend

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2017 Winter Family Weekend

December 22, 2017 to December 26, 2017

Winter Family Weekend 2017 will be held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio from Friday, December 22 to Tuesday, December 26.

More information will be coming and registration will begin sometime after the Feast of Tabernacles. Please visit


  • Gforce

    Why are non members allowed to participate in WFW !? Isn’t the purpose of WFW to give church members the opportunity to play sports following Gods way and not playing sports on Friday nights and Saturday!? Why then has UCG allowed non members and people who aren’t regular church members participate and reap the benefits when they haven’t followed Gods Way?!?! I don’t understand?

  • Jane Doe

    If unbelievers are interested in joining us for the weekend and are respectful of our beliefs and God’s way of life, then we should welcome them to our weekend with open arms and love.

  • Gforce

    I just feel UCG sports should have a no pass no play rule just like public schools. Why is UCG less strict then public schooling

  • Fliboy038

    In Exodus we has tod us and taught us to. yet His rules still would apply if I were to come to your gatherings

  • Gforce

    This is not a Jews and Gentiles situation. I just feel UCG should bee implementing no pass no play rule
    Just like during WOU sports required. Why is our public school system more strict then the Church. I have a friend who has left the church and only shows up for WFW to play basketball. I don’t feel this is right and it sets a poor example

  • Barbventura

    I agree this is not fair why is this allowed??? I don’t feel Concerned parent wants people excluded but just wants fairness when it comes to who participates. My family will not participate in WFW sports because of this hypocrisy that it’s not ok in Cincinnati OH but it’s ok at WFW

  • Jacob Mammen

    I agree with Rebekah Dance

  • bsquared

    This sounds like the Jews that wouldn’t have anything to do with the Gentiles. They wouldn’t even eat with them. The WFW is another opportunity for us to let our light shine, why would we close the door on that opportunity?


    There were no Christians, or New Testament Church members, when Jesus walked this earth, yet thousands benefited from his compassion (Matthew 9:36, 14:15-21; John 6:5-13); and generosity (Matthew 28:19-20). Thanks Rebekah Dance.

  • Gforce

    UCG WFW should have a no pass no play rule. Why do UCG camp sites require approval? Why don’t they just let anybody go to camp is it because of the “ZONE”???? Isn’t that the purpose!? This isn’t because I want to exclude people from WFW event this is to put a stop to the people who take advantage. People have hired players to play on Sports teams at WFW!? In UCG’s local Cincinnati volleyball league you can not participate unless you are a immediate family member who is in good standing with the church why is this not acceptable locally but acceptable at winter family weekend?!

  • kkenady

    Hello Concerned Parent. I understand your frustration with the person being able to experience the fun things the church has without being faithful to attend church especially if the person previously attended church. I hope being around Godly people and following God’s way for the WFW may remind this individual what being a Christian is about and the stark difference offered by the world.
    Now having taught and coached in the high school setting, I know the school’s hands are tied with many rules and regulations about non student participation in almost anything sanctioned by the school. Liabilities seem to be the first concern and the lack of the school’s ability to direct outsiders to do anything could cause great disruptions. Camps are a time when teens go unsupervised by their parents. Parents of campers expect a certain amount of safety at camp much higher than at the WFW when they are responsible for their own children. I hope this helps some.

  • Gforce

    This is not just one person! What kind of example does this set for our children? UCG would make a huge fuss if I were to show up to church in a Tank top and flip flops I would be asked to go home and change!? What is the difference??? Practice what you preach UCG !! It’s not right that they enforce on some things but let others slide!? I don’t get it

  • Barbventura

    I think you mean the people in charge not UCG Church
    Because I agree practice what you preach and enforce especially if it’s done at local sports events. Why is Management allowing this? It’s about fairness and it’s down right hypocritical

  • allendance

    How would you suggest we implement such a rule, especially since UCG’s policy of attending Sabbath Services are similar? That is, any person off the street can visit our services as long as they don’t create a problem. I guess we could implement a rating system where everyone could be rated individually by the Council of Elders for their spirituality. Anyone over, lets say an “8” or above, would be qualified to attend WFW. Criteria could be Sabbath Day attendance, neatness in dress, attitude, lack of tattoos, piercings, etc. and, of course, good works. Those not qualifying would have the ability to appeal their original score and be rescored at the next COE meeting where each one could support their individual case why they really should be a 8, 9, or 10 instead of the 1, 2, or 3 that we all really are. Then we would be down to one team and who would you play with?

  • Gforce

    I appreciate your point Mr. Dance. My problem is that there are currently rules in the local Cincinnati congregation for who is allowed to participate in sports events for their local sport activities and it feels unfair to those who follow the rules and hypocritical! I know that this isn’t the Church’s doing but the person In charge of WFW who is allowing this to happen. I will no longer allow my family to participate in WFW sports (more fairness and sportsmanship with the worldly sports activities!!)

  • Barbventura

    Concerned Parent doesn’t want a rating system they just want fairness and to do away with the hypocrisy why is it Not OK in Cincinnati OH and it’s OK at WFW????

  • Aaron Booth

    I’m surprised of all of the comments this news post on the website has generated when the whole point of this content is to announce the dates for the upcoming Winter Family Weekend. I did not realize this announcement would generate this discussion. You ask good questions that need to be sent to the proper individual(s) (this post won’t do that) who work together  to put on the entire WFW at the Great Wolf Lodge and sporting complex. I would suggest sending an email to Frank Dunkle ( ) expressing your concerns who can play in the sporting events. As one who has registered for the events and teams each person who plays is supposed to register on the WFW website and choose the team they are playing with. I really don’t have an answer on how to monitor who is not a UCG member or not. I will say that when we play volleyball here in the Cincinnati congregation the participants must regularly attend UCG or be dependent or spouse of someone who regularly attends UCG. This is the participation rule for the UCG Cincinnati East Volleyball social activity. Its first a UCG social activity as we have over 100 church members who enjoy spending time together on Saturday nights and we just happen to play volleyball as part of that activity. I don’t know the rules for participation in the sporting events for the WFW that is why I would suggest contacting Frank Dunkle and expressing your concern. 
    I hope this helps.

  • Gforce

    The issue is shown in the adult team who won the basketball championship this WFW 3 out of 10 players in the church. Why bother with God’s commandments when you can reap the benefits?????????? I don’t understand why the people in charge allow this!?

  • Jan Cook

    I just read through this thread and find it sad. I feel that I should share my experience with the Winter Family Weekend over the last 15 years in hopes of adding some clarity. My husband formed his basketball team 15 years ago and at that time, it was composed of players who all attended church with us. Over the years, due to church splits and other circumstances, there are some players who no longer attend with UCG. Within that group, they are still connected to the faith through other family members who still attend one of the sabbath-keeping groups. I feel that the WFW provides an important lifeline to them should they ever (and hopefully they will) choose to return. We should provide an open door to such events for those who come in peace. That has been a consistent WFW policy through the years.

    Also, I am a participant in the Cincinnati volleyball and would like it to be noted that the event is a local church social event, not an organization-wide matter. Due to the large turnout and limited court space the no outsider rule was implemented as a measure to reduce the numbers.

    I have grown up in the church and have seen many people come and go and it is my experience that it is easier for someone to return when we don’t slam a door behind them but rather leave it open in hopes of welcoming them back. This seems to be a sensitive issue, and I hope that sharing my perspective helps with understanding.