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2018 Camp Report: Camp Hye Sierra

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2018 Camp Report

Camp Hye Sierra

The camp, perched high in the Sierra Mountains with towering trees, gives campers opportunity to get away from the hectic pace of city life to come together to have fun, and to grow in understanding of God and His way.

The weather was nearly perfect with moderate daytime temperatures and cool night temperatures making a warm blanket necessary for comfort.

After getting settled into dorms on Sunday, all gathered at the dining hall to have a nourishing dinner prepared by our kitchen staff. In the evening we had a fun and rousing Novelty Olympics coordinated by assistant camp director, Ben Light.

Activities and evening Christian living classes encouraged campers to begin their story of a close relationship with our Father. The theme “God’s Vision for You” inspired us to push forward to the Kingdom of God. 

A smashingly fun dance took place down by the camp lake pavilion. The lake was also the location of the popular July 4 picnic with the traditional grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with all the trimmings. 

It is not uncommon in the Sierra Mountains to see wildlife. For the first time in his life one Australian staff member had the chance to see a doe grazing nearby.

Unique to Hye Sierra is the opportunity to see the great sequoias in King’s Canyon at the Sequoia National Forest, and this special trip was enjoyed by all staff and campers who hadn’t seen these giant miracles of nature. 

All camp activities went well, and we are thankful we had no serious injuries.

The night stars were brilliant. One evening the dorms met for a star-gazing session. Garden Grove pastor, Mario Seiglie, brought his telescope so campers could get a glimpse of the planet Saturn. 

When the Sabbath came, campers and staff gathered at the lake pavilion for services. Songs were led by Evan King with sermonettes given by Josh Cook and Luke Fogelson, followed by the sermon given by ABC coordinator Dr. Frank Dunkle. 

During announcements, camp director Jim Tuck thanked all for helping to make the camp successful. He asked Mr. and Mrs. Light to come forward, and Mr. Tuck, on behalf of overall UYC camp director, Steve Nutzman, passed a baton to Mr. Light naming him the new camp director for 2019. The baton was gold, especially made by Mrs. Tuck just for the occasion.

Hye Sierra is a unique and comfortable piece of nature, which has been carved out of the wilderness far from the stress of city life. We encourage you to come and see this special place.