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2018 Camp Report: Camp Pinecrest

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2018 Camp Report

Camp Pinecrest

Campers came from 25 states and two Canadian provinces. The staff came from 21 states and the province of Ontario, Canada. This year’s contingent of campers was the largest number of campers since 2010.

The campers were allocated into eight dorms—four ladies dorms, and four men’s dorms. There were 21 young adults who took on the leadership responsibilities of the dorms. Also, this year more counseling staff was provided. Three counselors were chosen for five of the eight dorms to lessen the pressure on counselors and to give training for future head counselors.

With everyone checked in, campers and staff enjoyed their first meal together on Sunday evening. Dinner was followed by camper orientation. The basic guidelines for camp were laid out by camp director Gary Smith, and health care parameters were laid out by camp health care provider Rick DeSouto. As part of camp orientation each activity head and their staff laid out their activity for the campers. With orientation complete, everyone proceeded to the gym for get-acquainted games. 

Camp began on Monday with a full schedule of activities. This year, SUP (stand-up paddle-boarding) was reintroduced and for the first time dorms were challenged by an escape room. The escape room challenged each dorm to work together to find a hidden archaeological object based upon biblical clues. Each dorm found the object, a pim, which was a medium of exchange mentioned in 1 Samuel 13:21.

Additionally, softball, speed-a-way, ultimate Frisbee, riflery, archery, journalism, volleyball, rock climbing/rappelling, low ropes, dance and a Bible class were all scheduled for each dorm to enjoy. Each evening after dinner, a different activity was offered. Campers and staff enjoyed capture the flag, freeze tag, dodgeball and a fun show on Thursday, and an awards ceremony on Friday.

Sabbath morning after breakfast, the campers and staff enjoyed a Bible study, “The Importance of Vision,” presented by Gary Smith. The study was followed by an ABC presentation and a Sabbath hymn sing. Split sermons were given by Jay Ledbetter and Randy Urwiller serving to conclude the Christian living theme “God Vision for You.” As part of services, a choir presented special music for the first time ever at Camp Pinecrest. The Sabbath activity day ended with a slideshow recounting the past week.

The final activity of Camp Pinecrest was the dance. At the dance awards for the campers displaying the qualities of the Zone were presented to Brianna Foster and Hunter Crawford.

The week at Camp Pinecrest came to a close on Sunday, July 8, as everyone checked out and headed for home. It was a spiritually profitable and fun week for all.