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2018 Camp report: Camp Piney Woods

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2018 Camp report

Camp Piney Woods

There were 41 campers, 29 adult and teen staff, and additional members of the East Texas congregation who all worked hard for four days to reinforce God’s Vision For You to our precious children. 

In addition to the daily Christian Living classes and numerous teaching moments, we enjoyed a number of activities including fishing, swimming, crafts, music, sports (basketball, dodge ball, gaga ball) among other activities. Parents were on hand to see the end of camp Awards Ceremony where the campers sang two songs—“I Am A Promise” and “Everybody Worship.”

Stuffed animal donations were requested, and one evening an officer from the Big Sandy police department came by to collect them. They will be used to give to children for comfort when the police go out on domestic calls. While there, the officer spent time demonstrating a drone outfitted with a high-resolution infrared camera, and how they use it to locate runaway children and criminals. Campers and adults alike enjoyed seeing the drone fly away, while watching ground footage video on the Officer’s tablet, and listening to his fascinating discussion.

We’re grateful to our Father in Heaven for blessing us with a wonderful, safe camp. All pointed towards keeping God’s vision for us in mind and one-day becoming spiritual sons and daughters in His expanding family!