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2018 Camp Report: Camp Wildrose

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2018 Camp Report

Camp Wildrose

Families attended from the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Entire families attend with their campers, ages 5-15. Those ages 16-18 are called junior volunteers. These teens participated in activities and Bible studies, and developed leadership skills supervising the younger children, teaching sports activities, doing camp chores and organizing whole camp games. Camp Wildrose was able to meet the needs of our church youth, and encourage unity in the church family as a whole.

Our theme this year was “Growing in God’s Garden—Bloom Where You Are Planted.” Two compass check sessions started off the first day. The first was titled “Bloom Where You Are Planted” and featured a slideshow of plants growing in unusual places, illustrating that we do not always find ourselves in ideal situations, but must always grow as God has instructed. The second session was inspired by ants and the proverb “Go to the ant, consider her ways and be wise.” Six lessons could be learned from this natural hard-working team.

We had a busy schedule with many activities. Archery and canoeing are favorite activities. Soccer, volleyball and softball were our sports events. In crafts, they created wind chimes and added inspirational messages. Team building encouraged groups to work together to solve puzzles. Dance lessons taught popular line dances, and couple dances for our teens. Water tubing was a huge hit, as they tried out the new three-seater tube. Outdoor education introduced knot tying skills, which they used to build lean-tos in the woods. Our little campers were kept busy with nature walks, play-doh, bubble blowing and parachute games.

Our evenings were busy as well. On Wednesday, we roasted bannock and played group charades at the firepit. On Thursday, we set up a movie theater, with a 10-foot screen and snacks. Friday evening until sunset was our family dance with games, piñatas and prizes. The Sabbath day was extra special this year as we had a cybercast from camp. Many youth were involved in the service, doing prayers, leading songs, hymn accompaniment and special music. In the evening, we had special worship music performed by our attendees, a sing-along and a Jelly video. The Sabbath included lessons, teen Bible studies and Bible games. Sunday was our final day, and concluded with a wonderful camp game of tag created by our junior volunteers.

Thank you to all the families for supporting the work done to strengthen our children in God’s family. With the work of many hands, the prayers of many hearts, and the love of many brethren, Camp Wildrose is maturing into a truly spiritual experience of growth in godly character for everyone who attends.