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2018 Camp Report: German Camp

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2018 Camp Report

German Camp

Around 30 campers aged 3 months to 11 years were accompanied by their parents to once again strengthen their friendships and grow in their understanding of God’s word. Daily Bible studies around the theme of courage were conducted, and on the Sabbath voices were joined in a rousing hymn singing session. 

The hot and dry summer this year allowed for plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventure. Activities included basketball and football training followed by a friendly competition, archery practice as well as a tournament, dodgeball, a surprise water balloon fight, a forest hike with a picnic and search for precious stones in a creek, sessions in survival skills where the children learned about foraging, how to purify water, basic first aid and what to do when faced with wild animals. To keep cool during free time the campers enjoyed water sliding. Campers also assisted in preparing the food for the final night’s barbeque and got their hands into making the dough for cooking bread on a stick over the campfire. The older children showcased their acting skills in three impromptu plays about courage. 

Children under the age of 5 enjoyed plenty of water play to keep cool, getting creative with some artistic “science” experiments, dancing and music appreciation, woodwork crafts including hammering nails into a tree stump and decorating wooden treasure boxes, mini Olympics involving a range of creative and entertaining activities, and free play at the playground.

After dark the parents and children enjoyed singing camp songs around the campfire, stargazing and plenty of interesting discussions and laughs.

The children benefited from seeing improvements in their sports skills; strengthening bonds among their peers, parents and helpers; learning about the important topic of courage; and overall demonstrating outstanding manners and behavior that sets them apart as lights to the world.

Everyone was so pleased with the location chosen that efforts are being made to secure it once again for next year. Camp is proving to be a highlight of the summer vacation time and we all look forward to coming together again in 2019.

Claire Kasper