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2018 Camp Report: Ghana Youth Camp

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2018 Camp Report

Ghana Youth Camp

The 28 campers and 15 staff arrived late afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 5, for a week-long packed program of learning and fun.

The welcome address and orientation were delivered by camp director David Meselebe and Franklin Hiagbe, and was focused on this year’s theme “God’s Vision for You.” Prominence was placed on the importance of learning and living the vital Christian lessons of the theme through each camp event.

Activities for camp included archery, cycling, speed-a-way, beads craft, team challenge, swimming, volleyball and basketball. There were compass checks and Christian living sessions every morning and evening, ensuring that each day started and ended with God’s word.

On the Sabbath the rest of the Accra congregation joined the camp for church services. Indeed, it was a festive ambiance of unity among brethren, with representation from all four of the church’s congregations in Ghana.

On Saturday evening we had an awards ceremony and a dance. Each camper received a certificate of successful participation with a few others receiving special mention. This was done amidst good food, good music and lots of dancing.

Departure on Sunday morning was characterized by mixed feelings: sadness on one hand because all were going to miss the camaraderie fostered over the period, and some joy in knowing that we would be seeing each other soon at the Feast in September.

All expressed profound appreciation to brethren worldwide for their generosity towards camp and for God’s merciful protection over the period.

Franklin Hiagbe