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2018 Camp Report: Nigeria

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2018 Camp Report


It was a contingent 50 strong (31 campers and 19 staff, including two Americans and 1 Ghanaian) who took the half-hour trip in fiberglass powered boats from the pier in Ojo Local government of Lagos State across a network of lakes to get to camp. Walking from the riverside bank over the sand to the idyllic ocean lapped stretch of land, one truly feels the Zone beginning to take form! All troubles and worries flee, and a feeling of peace and tranquility permeates the body. For a city dweller living embroiled in the busy city of Lagos, being at camp was a big relief, and the exhalation of all the stresses of modern life is indescribable.

On Sunday everyone pitched in from noon till about 6 p.m. to set up camp. After this, campers were assigned teams, and staff activities and camp schedules were announced. The first day ended with a hearty meal and a well deserved night’s sleep.

The camp theme was “God’s Vision for You,” with various sub-themes for each day. Camp activities started each day with at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast, then a 15-minute compass check to align campers’ minds and introduce the sub-theme for the day. Campers were taught various aspects of God's vision for them, how they could live their story now, living rightly at all times irrespective of where they are, how they have been called and other biblical lessons.

The activities at camp were lively and filled with zest, with the campers chanting heartily and happily as they went to each activity. Activities included Christian living, archery, volleyball, swimming, team challenge, rope bridge, kickball, origami class, paracord craft, tapestry, music and an American Sign Language class.

Despite several days of heavy rains that prevented our usual bonfire night (and a few leaking tents), the spirit of oneness and unity prevalent at camp meant everyone was able to bond, to feel like they were among family.

Members of the Lagos congregation joined the campers and staff at the campsite for Sabbath services and the campers rendered special music they learned during camp. Camp activities were concluded that night with the banquet and a Bible bowl. As early as 5 a.m. Sunday morning, some of the campers were heading back home some nine hours away.

We all thank the United Church of God and the Almighty Father for having made camp possible and for keeping everyone safe.