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2018 Camp Report: Zambia

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2018 Camp Report


This year’s camp was held at Verino on the church property, hosting a total number of 98 people, 80 campers and 18 staff from different areas in Zambia. It was a power- and fun-packed camp with a wonderful theme: “God’s Vision for You.” It reminded the young people of their place in this world and the plans that God has for them.

Camp was held Aug. 26-Sept. 2. It was directed by pastor Talama his wife as well as Pastor Siame and his wife. There was lots of fun and games, and a visit to a walking safari 5.5 kilometers from the campsite. There they saw different kinds of animals and birds.

The activities included arts and crafts, first aid, health and hygiene, baking, choir rehearsal and many sporting activities like speed-a-way, volleyball, swimming, handball and lots more. This year another activity called “The Challenge” was added. This was where each team picked random items from a box and were asked to come up with the best art project using the items they picked. They were then asked to make a budget worth K50 ($5) to purchase anything that they felt could help them with their challenge. The team that made the best art project made a mosaic out of millet, toilet paper and card box. From their K50 they purchased spray paint, glue and needles. This mosaic had this year’s theme. It was amazing to see young people working together, share ideas and being creative.

There was also the singing challenge. Random hymns from the hymn book were selected and they were asked to come up with a creative way to present the hymn. It was wonderful to see the campers blend the lyrics of other hymns to the one they picked. They blended different tunes together, harmonized and added beats without losing the original tune and lyrics of the hymn they picked.

This year’s camp was extra special in that there was a boy—James, 15 years old—who is deaf and doesn’t speak. He was brought into the church by a member, Mr. Kaputula. He attends church in Solwezi every Sabbath and is very dedicated. Despite his limitations, this boy is filled with a lot of zeal and determination in learning God’s truths.

It was heartwarming to see other young people accommodate him in every activity. According to him, there was no dull moment. He even attempted to teach his fellow campers sign language for easier communication. Most conversation with him was on paper.

Everyone was eager to help him. They shared their Christian living notes with him so that he wasn't left behind. Everything they heard, they wrote down for him. By the end of camp, he emerged as the best sportsman. Indeed how good and how pleasant for brethren to dwell safely together in sweet harmony. This is what it feels like to be in the zone. A place of love, unity and togetherness. A place where one is free to be them and enjoy the company of fellow believers.

On the Sabbath, brethren from Lusaka congregation graced us with their presence. We had a beautiful Sabbath with them. We even witnessed an ordination of one of the deacons to minister.

To conclude, we would like to send our sincere gratitude to all who made this camp possible. Thanks to LifeNets for providing funds to purchase a projector and screen that was used at camp. And also for maintenance of the sewer system and water pumps.