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2018 Feast of Tabernacles: Anchorage, Alaska

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2018 Feast of Tabernacles

Anchorage, Alaska

Brethren enthusiastically attended the services; our high attendance was 380 on the first Holy Day and the average attendance was 348. Regarding the messages, Mark Welch stated: “I believe that all our speakers took their responsibilities very seriously and truly spiritually edified all who attended. God’s Spirit was indeed actively inspiring and unifying throughout the Feast, and all the messages were biblically sound and gave our members real encouragement for the months ahead. There was a very evident spirit of unity throughout the Feast—how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity!” 

Scott Ashley conducted the Friday night Bible study and the topic was: “Wilderness in the Bible.” Mr. Ashley explained what wilderness means, and reviewed what biblical figures spent time in the wilderness. He also showed how this ties in with the Millennium and the Kingdom of God on earth.

After services, brethren headed out to explore the great Alaskan outdoors, traveling in every direction.

Regarding youth education, two classes were held for the pre-teens and one Bible study, plus two Bible activity/discussions were led by Rod Foster. The teen activity featured a trip to the Anchorage Zoo.

Service was also a big part of the Feast. Many brethren volunteered their time to serve in the music program, ushering, safety and in many other areas. We endeavored to follow Christ’s instruction to let our lights shine to the local community. Brethren gave 562 pounds of food and nearly $1,000 to the Food Bank of Alaska! Also, since we had many stuffed Kingdom-type animals left over after our stuffed animal giveaway, several dozen toys were donated to Providence Hospital. Staff said every toy would be used!

Many brethren toured a dog kennel, operated by the famous four-time Iditarod champion Martin Buser, and saw and petted dozens of happy and friendly sled dogs. And about 280 traveled on the Alaskan Railroad Train to view beautiful mountains and glaciers. We even saw moose, and a few caught a glimpse of a bear. The Alaskan wilderness is a place to be bedazzled by God’s marvelous creation!

We thank Almighty God for His incredible Feast blessings!