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2018 Feast of Tabernacles: Branson, Missouri

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2018 Feast of Tabernacles

Branson, Missouri

We were happy to have longtime pastor and current member of the UCG council of elders, Bob Dick and his wife Dyanne for the entire Feast. Mr. Dick gave an exceptional and well-received sermon on the Eighth Day regarding the second resurrection and God offering everyone an opportunity for salvation.

Inspiring sermons included a focus on two themes: First, the important role of Israel and second, God’s desire to bring to glory many sons and daughters.

Tom Robinson gave a thought-provoking Bible study about the Throne of David in Britain. Tom Damour encouraged us to keep a right biblical perspective as we endure trials, and to keep in mind that we are heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ who Himself suffered and endured as a part of God’s plan. Joe Greene closed out the Eighth Day with a very inspiring message called “Persistent Overcoming” about fighting the “giants” we face with God’s help that will ensure we will be back next year.

All age groups are considered in Feast planning and events for these various venues were well represented in attendance, including the annual family day barbecue organized by Brannens’ Bunch. Also, the senior luncheon was a highlight again this year with great food, fellowship and entertainment.

Our special music director, Dale Prince did a commendable job as he led the choir, coordinated our special music presentations and scheduled our two talented pianists this year, Judy Noel and Elaine Johnson.

A wonderful example of being a light to the local community, was a service project organized by our singles and included visiting a local senior living center and presenting entertainment. This was very much appreciated by the residents. In fact, at the end of the performance singles were asked what time they could be there next week! They explained to the residents it would have to be next year! Hopefully this will become an annual Feast tradition in Branson!