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2019 Camp Report: Camp Wildrose

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2019 Camp Report

Camp Wildrose

The rain, which is typical of our annual camp experience here in Alberta, did nothing to dampen spirits or attitudes. In fact, patience and perseverance flourished as everyone adjusted to schedule changes. With the generous support from many brethren, we were able to purchase durable, weather-proof tents that withstood the rain and wind very well.

This camp was especially memorable. First, it was our 10th summer session since 2010! Saturday evening’s event featured a slideshow of the last nine summers.  Second, we were pleased to welcome three visitors from far away—Slavica Radonic and her daughter, Mia, from Windsor, Ontario and Alex Schweitzer from Madison, Wisconsin. We hope to encourage more visitors in the future.

Each year, Camp Wildrose fulfills the need to grow in unity and harmony and become a loving family of God. We watch as friendships grow deeper, families expand to include others in their embrace, individuals are welcomed and cared for, and people smile, laugh and relax in a safe, nurturing environment.

Camp Wildrose is an official children’s camp, but works to attend to the needs of all ages. Activities keep our youth busy, entertained and learning as they participate in Christian living, canoeing, archery, outdoor education, crafts, teamwork challenges, various sports and dance lessons.

Camp activities work to build our Church family into an integrated whole, and include a dance, Sabbath services, an entertainment evening, campfire activities, morning compass checks, picnic games and various group games.

This year the Sabbath day featured not only children’s Sabbath school, but a teen Bible study and an adult Bible study. Except for the two split sermons, services were orchestrated entirely by the youth, including prayers, song leading, announcements, special music and hymn accompaniment.

This year’s theme of “Growing in God’s Garden” was sub-themed with three Fruits of the Spirit—joy, patience and kindness.

Our compass checks (we call them “Peanut Butter and Jam” sessions) discussed how we are called “special treasures” by God. Therefore, if God sees us as special and looks upon the inward man to discover a treasure inside, how ought we then to view our fellow man as special and a treasure to be discovered. We strove to treat each individual at camp as special, important and necessary to build an integrated whole.

A second session looked at the story of the Potter and the Clay in Jeremiah 18 and how we must allow God to work with us, molding and shaping us into useful instruments. Camp allows us many opportunities to be molded, improved and perfected.

Working and living side by side for five days provides countless opportunities to show brotherly love and to learn to live together in harmony.

Camp Wildrose welcomes all United Church of God attendees and would love to have you join our unique Church family in a camp experience!

If you are interested in attending next July (2020), please contact Susan Davis at campwildrose@gmail.com.

Susan Davis