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2019 Camp Report: Ghana Youth Camp

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2019 Camp Report

Ghana Youth Camp

Youth Camp is the time for young people to live in the Zone, aligning with godly values in the midst of like-minded people. It is definitely the time for fun and also to learn some of life’s most enduring and rewarding principles.

Camp Director David Meselebe and Senior Pastor for English-speaking West Africa, Paul Moody, set the tone for camp by introducing this year’s theme. When the first day’s activities began at 5:30 in the morning, there was unmistakable excitement in the air as first-time campers eagerly awaited what was about to unfold.

Camper Team Shine and Team Light were taken through lessons in bead crafts, volleyball, cycling and computer studies. Over the last few years, swimming has proven to be a very popular activity. This year it was taught by Paul Moody and Ben Light, a pastor who assists Paul Moody in West Africa.

Daily slots for Compass Check and Christian Living classes provided precious intervals to sharply focus on God’s Word and its practical relevance in our lives. The spirit of cooperation and friendship was felt in all of camp’s activities and interactions, showcasing the beauty in harmonious living.

On the Sabbath, it was such a delight to have the Accra Church members come over to camp for joint Sabbath services.

On the last night of camp, tastefully dressed campers and staff enjoyed a banquet of delicious meals, music and dancing. The night ended with recognition and camper awards in various categories.

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell safely together in sweet harmony. This is what it means to be in the Zone—a place of godly learning, love, unity, peace and togetherness.

This year’s theme was an excellent reminder to campers and staff that our unique identity is in the way we live as we strive to be lights to the world around us.

Sharon Olendo and Tabo Nawa