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2019 Camp Report: Malawi Youth Camp

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2019 Camp Report

Malawi Youth Camp

We also conducted team-building activities and offered a few classes to teach some useful skills to the campers. Some of the classes were first aid, gardening/farming basics, fish farming, mop-making, beeswax processing and flour sieve-making.

Thursday evening we had a talent show where campers sang songs, performed in plays and did card tricks. On Friday we held Olympic games. Following the Olympics, we welcomed in the Sabbath with a Bible Q&A for the youths.

At the Q&A, the resident elder, the two deacons and project coordinator Nick Lamoureux fielded lots of good questions, addressing topics which ranged from clean and unclean meats to the different resurrections.

On the Sabbath, an elder and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Filius Jere, from Chipata, Zambia, joined us for services, and an elder from Blantyre, Mr. Mpilangwe gave the sermon.

Between the youth camp participants, visitors, and members of the local congregation, we had over 100 people in attendance!

After lunch, youth from Chipata gave presentations and we conducted a Bible study explaining how to more effectively study and better understand our Bibles. Thanks to the technical skills of a camper from Blantyre, we were able to enjoy a little music and dancing before bed.

We want to extend our thanks to those who have donated time, money, materials, prayers, buildings or whatever the case may be, in order for these youths of Zambia and Malawi to be able to come together and learn more about God and build lasting relationships with one another.