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2019 Camp Report: Nigeria Youth Camp

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2019 Camp Report

Nigeria Youth Camp

There were 24 campers, ranging in age from nine to 18 years old, 14 staff including the counselors. We even had three canines that assisted us on security detail! On Sunday, all gear needed for camp was transported and set up.

By evening, camp started with an orientation on why we were there and to introduce the themes. Campers and counselors were divided into two teams named after precious stones, Sapphire and Emerald.

Activities included daily Compass Check and Christian Living classes, where each day’s subtheme was fully discussed using the scripture guidelines in the camp booklet provided. Other activities were volleyball, archery, team challenge, tapestry, etiquette class (social and table etiquette), dance class, swimming and chess.

At the movie night, campers watched Queen of Katwe, an inspiring true story of courage and determination about an illiterate child who became a chess champion. This added to the desire of all campers to learn and improve their skills in chess, an activity just introduced to camp classes this year. Surprisingly, the two best chess players were 9-year-old Master Joshua and 11-year-old Bobbi.

A bonfire night with a sing-along of campfire songs and hymns added to the joy and fun. A delicious spicy pepper soup and Sobo, a homemade hibiscus flower drink, were served during the bonfire night to take the chill off the windy night air.

On Friday, we took a long beach walk we call the “Endurance Trek,” after which we returned to camp and had chess, archery and volleyball championships before the Sabbath evening Bible study.

On the Sabbath, as is our custom, some of the Lagos congregation members came to keep the Sabbath with us and experienced the serenity and beauty of our camp setting, further enriching the joy of spending another Sabbath worshiping and listening to God’s words.

Camp ended with a banquet on Saturday night, where both teams held a talent show with various skits derived from the lessons taught each day over the course of the camp.

A Bible bowl ended the day’s activities and by 9:30am on Sunday, we were on a boat heading back to civilization and our lives, enriched again and blessed with the grace of God and the opportunity to be part of UYC 2019.

Deep and sincere thanks to the church administration for the support they continue to give that enables us to have Youth Camp!