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2019 Camp Report: Northwest Camp

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2019 Camp Report

Northwest Camp

Northwest Teen Camp opened this year with a warm welcome from the Camp Magruder administration. Angie Nebeker compared the mission statements of the host camp and UYC and noted the similar goals and purposes. She also noted how much the camp administration appreciates everything about our young people.

Campers from 19 states and three international areas enjoyed the best weather ever experienced here, with sunshine all day, temperatures in the 70’s and calm winds. In all, 117 campers, 77 staff members and four junior campers enjoyed learning God’s way through the daily lessons and activities.

The Christian Living theme was “Living God’s Way Today” and was the springboard for many profitable discussions during the classes. Campers opened up about the challenges they face in school and society.

Thanks to the efforts of some energetic beavers, Lake Lytle, the lake we use for water skiing, was a foot higher than normal, which made water skiing, wake boarding and riding the tube more enjoyable for everyone. Chinook Pass Outfitters brought 15 horses and mules, plus we had three more provided by Ron and Cristine Goethals for campers to ride.

Campfire fun in the evening included dorms reciting the memory verse for the day, dorm inspection reports, Bible quiz time, some competition games, reflections from graduating seniors and a campfire story as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

The arts and crafts class featured a nice leather notebook cover that the campers custom decorated and will be able to use to take notes in church for many years to come. Other activities included softball—which we are finding is a great game for campers each year—and pickleball, which is currently the fastest growing sport in the nation. Campers also enjoyed beach volleyball, dance class, archery, kayaking and Speedaway.

Bob and Dyanne Dick presented the “Excellence in Living” class. They focused on answering some of the important questions asked every year by campers concerning their relationships with members of the opposite sex. Mr. and Mrs. Dick explained the principles in God’s Word that apply to everyone, both before and after marriage.

God’s blessing and protection was obvious and appreciated. What a wonderful thing to be able to use what is perhaps the finest camp facility in the Northwest as a setting for campers to learn God’s way, make new friends and enjoy the blessings and experience of attending a UYC summer camp.

Join us at Northwest Camp next year, from July 19-26!