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2019 Camp Report: Preteen Northwest Camp

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2019 Camp Report

Preteen Northwest Camp

Camp began with cooler temperatures and rain threatened to impact the activities. We all prayed for the skies to clear up and that is exactly what happened!

The theme was brought out within each of the six girls’ and five boys’ dorms as well as in the activities, whether on the sports field or in Christian Living classes. Campers worked in teams to prove that Christ’s words recorded in the gospels ring true about the wise man building his house on a rock.

An experiment from the Christian living classes as well as arts and crafts showed what might happen if we build our house on the sand. When the rains came down (from water blasters on the sports field), the house that stuck with the rock stood firm!

Camp provided plenty of opportunities for fun. The younger dorms enjoyed parachute games in indoor sports and dance class. Older campers learned to swing dance and dance etiquette.

 Archery and the challenge course allowed campers to truly focus both individually and as a team. The boy and girl that came close to the bullseye on the moving lion target won hand-crafted bows made by Medford member Mike Hunicke.

The river float allowed campers to overcome their fears as they floated into the cold water on an inner tube. Everyone ended up finishing with smiles all around!

Our swimming instructors brought out the theme during this activity. Campers who could not swim before camp overcame their fear and learned to swim within just one class period.

Each dorm performed at campfire one night during camp, ranging from sweet songs to hilarious skits. All of them emphasized the theme. And don’t let their young age fool you! These young campers understood the theme and know how to teach it to others. Just ask them about the house on the rock and about how we rely on Christ the King.

We give thanks to God for protecting and encouraging our little ones. We also acknowledge the late John Cafourek who, with his wife Sandy, lovingly spearheaded this preteen camp. We appreciate those campers who shined as leaders, receiving the John Cafourek leadership award in their dorms.

Let’s continue to live this theme throughout the year as we look forward to what 2020 has to offer our Northwest Preteen Camp!